Everything about the All-New FIFA 20

This year Electronic Arts has pushed up the famous football series much further by coming with beautiful customization and modifications that add a whole new experience to this soccer game. 

We got the chance to lay our hands on one of the samples of FIFA 20 in a seminar in Berlin. And here we are to help you with the detailed review of the game. Here you will find all the information that you need to know about this game. So keep on reading to find out more about this FIFA 20

When will FIFA 20 be released? 

Well, FIFA 20 has been scheduled to be released on the 27th of September 2019 worldwide. You can play this game on your PC, Xbox, Play Station 4 and of course Nintendo Switch. 

Electronic Media also brings you the opportunity to pre-order the game digitally and you can witness the game three days before the final release of the game. 

Have you seen the latest trailer of the game? If not, then you definitely should. Featuring the “Volta Football” mode, you will fall in love with the trailer of the game.

FIFA 20 – Customization

When it comes to customizing and controlling your Pro Club experience, we understand how important it is to get most of the options to play the game the way you desire. 

FIFA 20 has come up with all new avatars that completely replace the earlier creation of the game. With the help of an improved 4 quadrant axis morphing tool, you can easily design your Virtual Pro Visual characteristics according to your whims. You get the opportunity to witness the real-life feeling of the players by perfectly morphing the skin tones and the facial features of your players. Don’t worry, the features from FIFA 189 like from commentary name to set your preferred celebration/set piece style to updated goalkeeper gloves you will get everything in this latest version.

Want to know the best part? FIFA 20 gives you the chance to take more control over the way you develop the pitch of your game. They have added many new positions to the game like LF/RF, LM/RM, RWB/LWB. Along with choosing different positions FIFA 20 also brings you the opportunity to choose the heights, weights of your players which leads to a deeper impact on the moves and the skills of the players.

Now you can also revive The stamina of your players and the values have been tuned to create a reward vs risk system. FIFA 20 has come up with over more than 30 additional traits. When these traits are paired with the specialty traits of the players the customization of the game reaches an all-new level.

The new Volta mode in FIFA 20

I am sure you must be wondering what is this all the fuss about the “Volta mode? ”Well, derived from a Portuguese word meaning “return”, the Volta football mode is all about street football. If you are an old player of FIFA you must remember that FIFA introduced this style back in 2005. Football is going back to the streets as Volta football brings to opportunity to players offering 3v3, 5v5 matches along with different rules set just like the professional futsal. This is the first time that FIFA has come up with a modification that men and women play shoulder to shoulder in FIFA. How amazing is that!

Volta is indeed one of the most anticipated features of FIFA 20 that the whole world is awaiting to experience. 


FIFA 20 is indeed one of the most famous soccer games that the whole gaming world is obsessed about. With FIFA bringing in all the new modifications and customization you can spend hours to play with the technical up-gradations. All thanks go to the Electronic Arts for considering the needs of the players and coming up with a more improved and realistic feeling to enjoy the game.

With the new customization, FIFA has reached a whole new level. There is news that this might be the last physical version of FIFA. Whatever the case may be, people are looking forward to playing FIFA 20.