New FIFA 20 – What’s The Catch?!!

Are you aware of the brand new 27th installment of the FIFA series? Well here is a hands-on review about the latest version of FIFA i.e. FIFA 20 and much more about the game including its customization and additions, it’s in-depth features and the amazing trailer that features the new Volta Football mode.

When will FIFA 20 be released?

FIFA 20 is scheduled to be released on 27th September 2019 all around the world. Hurry and pre-order to grab your first copy right now. This game will be supported in Xbox, PC, PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch as well. 

FIFA 20 Trailer

You must watch the latest trailer of FIFA 20 that portrays the new Volta Football mode. Well, nothing has been finalized about the cover star but you will witnessLiverpool’s Mohamed Salah in the demo menu. 

FIFA 20 – Tempo

The whole tempo of the game is way better than all other previous FIFA. The whole game has been slowed down to match the tempo of the real-life football game.

With your first time try with FIFA 20 you will feel the difference all by yourself. This up-gradation of tempo will make you feel that the players are running through honey and you won’t the feeling that your opponents take the ball for too long. Isn’t that amazing? 

FIFA 20 – Pace

Well, most of we think speed and aggressions important in Football sim but EA has decided to slow the pace in FIFA 20 with the footballers slowing down the flanks and takes longer to execute dribbles and skills. It’s indeed a great move as it allows the player to take time to make second decisions on a controller giving a real feeling of playing football. When discussing Volta Street football, it is all about skills and tricks to beat the opponent. 

Career Mode

FIFA 20 has come up with changes to make the menus more efficient where the interactions and the seasons seem to be quite predictable. Just like a real-life Football game, managers give more time to play for young players rather than simply popping them on the bench like old FIFA games. The new release prioritizes the needs of the team’s future with a much stricter potential player system. 

What is exactly the new Volta mode? 

Well, Volta is a Portuguese term that means “to return”. Don’t you remember the old FIFA street style of 2005 FIFA?. This incredible game is back in business. Back in 2012 when the amazing street football series started, the players have waited for their return since then.

This time Electronics Arts have finally come up with the latest Volta mode that is being described as the “authentic game flow along with creativity and style”. 

With the new upgrade of FIFA 20, Electronics Arts have made sure that the defenders don’t feel like those annoying superhuman athletes and are like to make more mistakes now. You will get the feeling of a high level of realism and the team play will feel much natural like in real life rather than running aimlessly into walls and walls of defenders. Now the one-on-one encounter will fell much like miniature battles. EA sports make sure that you get the chance to score goals in such situations and reward the player for scoring the ball into such deadly areas. 

You get the wonderful option of creating characters, customize their get up and get immersed into the realistic feeling of street football. You got those awesome moves with superb skillsets that you can use in those landscapes with an urban along with a list of different new games. 

Final Verdict

I can assure you that you can spend hours after hours disclosing the FIFA 20’s mechanical up-gradations. Electronic Arts have designed the new series bearing in mind the needs and the requirements of the players. 

We really cannot wait to witness how the new VOLTA Street mode transforms the game. If you are someone who enjoys FIFA games then this is a game for you