Some Effective Tips to Play New FIFA 20 Like A Pro

Are you excited to experience the new FIFA 20? Of course, preparing yourself before starting something new is never a bad idea. So, if you’re thinking of to kick off your FIFA 20 season, check out this brief guide to get an idea about the gameplay.

Book Your In-Game Bonuses Beforehand

If you preorder FIFA 20, you’ll be entitled to some free benefits like getting access to some in-game content including FUT packs and one to watch players.  You will also be eligible to play FIFA 20 in 3 days’ advance. So, to enjoy all the new free benefits of FIFA 20, it will always be a great idea to book the game in advance.

Get to Know About the New Changes

 FIFA 20 has come up with new features and there are noteworthy changes in the gameplay as well.

So, to play this new version like a pro, you must check out all the updates available for the new changes in the gameplay.

Get the Manuals

To make sure that you’re not missing out on any essential information, don’t forget to download the game manual.

Learn about the Navigations and Controls

There are a lot of new controls in FIFA 20. Learn about them before you start to play. Check the new control buttons and definitely, it will help to play the game in a better way. Being familiar with the control, you won’t miss out on the new catches of the game.

Learn the Secrets of Scoring Long Shots

In the latest edition of FIFA, it is more than easy to hit long shots. You can easily score goals outside the area of penalty. All you need to do is to take the shot from a particular zone. It must be on the pitch. This will ensure the chances of scoring a real big shot!!

There’s also an option of using a player, who holds some sort of long-shot ratings. Remember, the player must have a score of a minimum of more than 75. This will, naturally, enhance the chances of scoring better while moving forward in the game.

Learn to Fill UP the Power Bar

Don’t forget to fill up the power bar. To do this, you need to tap and hold the R1 or RB option. This will activate the finesse shot.

Avail the benefits of Timed Finishing

You can do this by tapping the shoot again option. This will award you with a hold on the finishing at the desired timeframe.

I hope this post helps you in learning some new features about the all-new upcoming FIFA 20 game. Soccer is always a game of a tight adrenaline rush. Thanks to the FIFA games series, every one of us has got the golden opportunity to feel the enthusiasm of taking part in such a huge soccer match. Don’t let this spirit and level of energy be down. Gather as much info as you can and enjoy FIFA 20 like never before!

8 Tips to Jump Start your FIFA 20 Experience

With FIFA 20 getting ready to release late September players old and new are preparing to jump right into FIFA 20 from last years release of FIFA 19. Everyone wants to make the most of the initial release period so below are some tips to get you off on a stronger foot.

1. One of the most abrupt changes in switching from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 will me the minor control scheme changes. If you are using default control settings or playing on a console, these changes may affect you so take a look!

2. Those who have EA or Origin access accounts make sure you aren’t missing out on the earlier release window. These premium subscriptions let you play games a few days before they release. In the case of FIFA 20, with either of these services (or a higher edition of the game) you can play 4 days earlier on the 24th of September as opposed to the official release on the 27th

3. FIFA 19 has a carryover feature which can help bring some of your work over to FIFA 20. This can save you some important time and effort.

4. When you get your hands on the game make sure you don’t miss a day of the free daily rewards while they are going. Why not take advantage of something given for free?

5. Don’t be rusty! If you have taken some time away from playing FIFA 19 before the new one comes out it is a good time now to start picking it back up again. Re-familiarize yourself with a lot of the controls and strategies that you may have forgotten how to do all the way.

6. Set up your FUT 20 app. Making sure you have your accounts set up and ready can help you by earning more of the free rewards given out when the game releases. It will also help you jump right into building your FUT club.

7. Research the new changes. With a new FIFA game, there are always some major tweaks on how things are going to work. Keeping up to date on these will make sure you know exactly what to expect when you get your hands on the game.

8. If you’re new to the FIFA series, watching the in-game video tutorials in FIFA 20 can help you understand some of the more complex mechanics. This also goes for returning players, leaving the trainer on for the first couple matches you play can really help you improve your gameplay, and remind you of moves that you may have forgotten or not known about.