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With the announcement of the release of FIFA 20, the whole gaming world is obsessed to know more about the latest version of this online soccer game. And when handed the opportunity to earn unlimited free FIFA coins, wouldn’t that be simply amazing? Definitely yes.

We are here to provide you with all the FIFA 20 game tips, which can be useful to you in the journey of FIFA 20.

Keep on reading to find out more about these.

  • Get the right edition

When starting with FIFA 20 take some time before you decide which edition you are going to purchase. To start with the Standard Edition is quite decent enough.

  • Early access

In case you have an Origin Access subscription or have EA access, don’t forget you get the chance to witness the experience of playing FIFA 20 ten days before the final release date. Isn’t that great?

  • Don’t miss on daily objectives.

FIFA 20 gives you the daily objectives that are required to be completed. Once you complete there daily simply objectives you get the chance to win free FIFA coins as well.

  • Don’t miss on your daily gifts

FIFA 20 offers gifts during the first days which you can simply redeem and earn cons. Each day you miss, you lose one pack.

  • Buy FIFA points

If you have no problem investing some bucks in this amazing gaming experience then the first thing you should buy FIFA coins as soon as they are released as the market tends to depreciate over time.

  • Apply 99 Contracts items

There are times often when we have no intention of selling our players in the upcoming weeks. In such case apply these 99 Contracts items on such players.

  • Don’t forget to buy coin boosts

Don’t waste your coins on the initial days of the game rather buy all the coins boost items before you start playing the matches.

  • Buying managers

Do you know one of the secrets of earning a bonus? Buy managers as soon as you have coins and you find the manager affordable. Try to get them at the lowest price as possible.

  • Take a glance at the stats before choosing players

It’s always wise to choose players according to the chemistry, the ratings and the positions of the players.

  • Pick strong and fast players

Want to earn some extra profits? Always choose players with the highest pace along with the physical stats.

  • Buy low and sell higher

Keep an eye for players that are being offered at low prices and sell them at a higher price. This almost works for every card in the game. So keep trading! Though it requires some patience and time but hold onto it.

  • Grad all the advantages of less experienced players

On the release date pay high attention to the traffic hours. Many players will open their packs and will sell cards at really affordable prices.

  • Don’t waste your coins

FIFA 20 will give you the chance to win FIFA coins but don’t waste all of it in buying packs.

  • Don’t jump on to IF cards

There is plenty of time in the game to buy IF cards. There are thousands of good cards that you need to try on first.

  • Market Crashes

If you are starting to play FIFA 20 from the middle of the season simply wait till the TOTY weeks where the prices of the players will be much lower and you can earn good profits.

  • Redeem Loan players

One great FIFA game tips are to buy all the players that are available in the EAS FC catalog and use them.

  • Try to set an easy difficulty level

When you are first starting with FIFA 20 try to start with easy level and then adapt to the new gameplay. Anytime you feel that you are way better than your opponents simply play Rivals and the chance to win rewards


We have given all the FIFA 20 game tips that you can utilize to play the game like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Start playing!

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