FIFA 20 – A Brief Review

Initial Impressions

EA Sports is going to launch the all-new FIFA 20 this year.  The upcoming version of this famous soccer simulator has brought some small and big changes to it. EA has already released a trailer, where you can check out the amazing features like different world-class players, including  Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho or Vinicius Junior. The changes will give you a homelike feel, which is at the same time good and bad for the players.

Key Features

  • Price: $61.35
  • Where Can I Play? – Platforms like Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX 1 and PC
  • Date of Release: 27th September, 2019-09-14
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA games)

When it is expected to come out?

FIFA 20 is going to release on September 19 for EA Access subscribers and September 27 for the general public on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Who is going to be the cover star?

EA has not yet clearly declared about this. However, in the demo’s menu, Mohamed Salah of Liverpool has been featured and following the Champion’s league victory, he is the expected cover star.

How will it look?

If the main attraction of the last year’s version was the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League, this year EA Sports has surprised us with the return of FIFA Street. Thanks to the Volta mode, we can now play street football games with both created players and professional footballers, both male and female. Besides, we’ll have the possibility to enjoy street football in places like Tokyo, London or Amsterdam.

What are the changes and how is the gameplay?

Electronic Arts have given details of some of the prime attractions that FIFA 20 would offer. Among them, we can highlight the improvement of the defensive system, which promises to have improved the use of artificial intelligence and new entry mechanics.  It will require new skillsets. The last versions have sinned too much effectiveness by both attackers and goalkeepers. The exact mechanical completion that was introduced in FIFA was already subject to indulge a better balance in the game, and now it is intended to give it more realism.

Electronic Arts have ensured that they will consider the feedback provided by the FIFA community. Because of this, they have implemented 3 basic improvements, which integrate the so-called “Football Intelligence“. This consists of improvements of the ball, providing the greatest realism so far.

Regarding the improvements with the ball, the behavior of the ball has been renewed in aspects such as the centers and volleys. The improvement of the watermark system is also noteworthy, which will allow us more precise control over the ball. The system of penalties and offenses has also been renewed, which in recent years has failed to convince all players.

There is a great chance that promises to achieve the highest fidelity in the saga. EA has ensured that the behavior of the ball has been retouched. This will help to have a better finish in aspects such as distant shots or one on one.